Technical Producer / Project Manager

StudioLabs is a full-service creative technology and digital production shop that operates without limits. No idea is too small to love, and no project is too big to be handled with detail-oriented care.

For over 16 years, StudioLabs has served direct clients and agencies, as well as funded startups and software shops. We understand the digital landscape; navigate it; and collaboratively release thoughtful, stellar work into the real world.

While they represent only the tip of the iceberg, StudioLabs’ clients include direct relationships like Sirius XM, Estee Lauder, and ESPN, as well as agencies like Momentum Worldwide, 360i, and Young & Rubicam, and SaaS companies like Zype and Symphony Commerce.

YOU also operate without limits. Your job is your job, but your success and the success of those around you is your passion, and you can not only spot opportunities to help others, you can act on those opportunities. You love technology and you've written code and built things... even if just as a side gig. You’re not sure what to call yourself; humans, computers, and digital products each speak their own subtle languages; and you speak all three. You are a master of disguise and a juggler of chainsaws, and you have the costumes and scars to prove it.

You may call yourself a Project Manager, a Producer, a Product Owner, or something else. Here, we’d call you a Technical Producer.

THE ROLE seeks a middle ground between fluid, process-driven project management / product ownership, and the intricacies of very human-focused client management. You must have either a computer science degree, a certification from a coding bootcamp, or practical experience writing code in order to be considered for this position.

Working in small teams, you may have you wear different hats – speak technically to non-technical people, or speak non-technically to very technical people… Gather requirements and turn those into functional specs; work side-by-side with developers and engineers to produce high-quality, smart, engaging web-based products; run QA on your projects ensuring the best possible product at each release… But you’re a master of disguise, and your trunk of hats is stocked. So no problem.

Joining a company of about 25 team members, split over two office locations, and doing consistently great work with unflappable kindness is difficult, but energizing and rewarding in equal measure. But you’re awesome, so you were already looking forward to that. StudioLabs understands what it means to be human, and we take every measure to allow our team members the kind of work-life balance you won’t get at larger places and startups. We know that the life of a producer can sometimes be hectic, so we offer flexible work hours, ample vacation time, and an office environment that’s both relaxed and energetic at the same time. Yes, it’s a job… we all work hard and put in an honest day’s work here at StudioLabs… but we also take care of our team members.

  • Previous experience as a hands-on web / mobile developer or systems administrator (Although this position does not require you to write code, it does require that you've got hands-on past experience as a web developer, writing HTML/CSS/JS, as a minimum. Other coding experience would be a plus.)
  • 1-6 years experience project managing and delivering medium to large scale websites, web-based software, and/or mobile applications / products
  • Experience delivering web products within an Agile, KanBan, or other dev methodology
  • Experience with enterprise-class task management software (e.g. JIRA, Trello)
  • Rockstar written/verbal communication presentation skills
  • The desire and drive to be awesome every day
  • An inquisitive mind, and a confident voice
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to seamlessly wrangle multiple, concurrent priorities and work streams
  • End-to-end production/leadership of web, mobile, and other software projects. Deliver projects, from start to finish, on time and on budget
  • Requirements intake, functional requirements / specifications drafting
  • Work with members of the development team to create epics, user stories and project tickets inside of enterprise-level task management software (e.g. Jira, Trello, Redmine, etc)
  • Maintenance of Kanban boards, backlog grooming, detailed writing of development tickets/tasks
  • Creation of statements of work, project timelines, project reconciliations, scope addendum, and other project management documentation
  • Maintain 6-12 week outlook of resource needs for your projects
  • Various billing and invoicing tasks in tandem with the finance team
  • Aid the development team in scoping incoming work
  • Client management for both direct clients and agency clients, including handling of potential new business within the accounts you currently manage
  • Be a true partner to your clients, aiding them with business decisions and invoking trust unparalleled by other vendors
  • Generally speaking, own your projects from top to bottom, and have a passion for delivering the highest quality work possible
  • Support the team in assessing, defining, and rolling out workflow and process improvements
  • Aid the team in training and on-boarding of new producers and new team members
  • Be an awesome fellow team member and help to maintain the StudioLabs culture in both our NYC-based office and Buffalo, NY-based office
  • Information architecture experience
  • Knowledge / experience with AWS or other server-side technology
  • Degree in computer science
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