Web Development for Business Growth

Websites present an opportunity for brands to grow their online presence and reach more customers. Visitors will be more engaged with an organization that has a website that provides solutions to their needs and shows value with easily accessible information about products and services. Web development refers to the entire process of building pages and deploying them. A high-quality web development project will address both the organization and customers’ objectives to maximize revenue opportunities.


StudioLabs is a web development agency that strives to create high-impact websites and eCommerce sites for brands, SaaS companies, startups, and agencies. We put our client’s needs first, meeting your exact specifications to increase customer engagement and positively impact the bottom line.


Develop for Business Growth

For many businesses, a website is a foundation for awareness of products and services. Websites and eCommerce sites should be built to be sustainable, functional, and easily editable to meet future scalability needs. Additionally, considerations should be made for device compatibility. A website or eCommerce site should have device-responsive experiences that are consistent across browsers and operating systems.


Our team of developers has experience coding in several different languages including JavaScript (including React, Angular, Node.js), PHP, C#, ASP.NET, Python, and Ruby on Rails to meet the needs of your specific web development project. We will work with you from ideation through post-launch to make sure your website or eCommerce site delivers the results you desire.


Design for Business Growth

When thinking about the design side of web development, it’s critical to take into consideration the perspective of the end-user by asking questions such as, “Can users navigate the site to easily find information about our products and services?” Search engine optimization (SEO), navigation menus, conversion points, and basic design principles are just four of the many ways to improve accessibility and usability of websites and eCommerce sites.


Working with a trusted web development agency like StudioLabs can guarantee that your website is built using web development best practices to maximize visibility and generate the business your organization needs to continue moving forward.


Leverage eCommerce for Business Growth

Businesses looking to sell products online can invest in eCommerce platforms to manage sales. However, having a standalone eCommerce platform isn’t always attractive nor engaging to the prospective buyer. A robust eCommerce site features sticky navigation to make it easy for the user to move between product categories, a robust and dynamic filtering system allowing users to refine results, as well as the promotion of relevant or popular products to make it easier for customers to complete purchases, in turn improving sales totals.


StudioLabs recently partnered with Travelpro to lead a redesign of their eCommerce site. Luggage and other items for sale were placed at the forefront of the site making it easy for customers to find desired products. Additionally, a custom airline personnel program integration enables eligible airline personnel to access and buy products specific to that airline program. Another StudioLabs integration connected the eCommerce site to the warehouse fulfillment center ensuring completed orders and a unified experience that fostered greater brand loyalty.


Partner with a Full-Service Web Development Agency

Is your organization looking to grow its online presence to drive business growth? Web development initiatives can be the difference in a customer’s decision to use a specific company’s products or services. Choosing a web development agency that is willing to meet your company’s needs and objectives, rather than a template solution, can maximize your returns.


StudioLabs is a full-service web development agency focused on helping you grow your business with high-performing web and eCommerce sites that serve your customers. If you’re interested in partnering with an agency that has extensive Web Development, Custom Mobile App, and Software Design experience, schedule a call today.

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