Developer Interns

StudioLabs is a full-service creative technology and digital production shop that operates without limits. No idea is too small to love, and no project is too big to be handled with detail-oriented care.

For over 16 years, StudioLabs has served direct clients and agencies, as well as funded startups and software shops. We understand the digital landscape; navigate it; and collaboratively release thoughtful, stellar work into the real world.

While they represent only the tip of the iceberg, StudioLabs’ clients include direct relationships like Estee Lauder, Crunch Fitness, and M&T Bank, as well as agencies like Momentum Worldwide, 360i, and Young & Rubicam, and SaaS companies like Zype and Synacor.

At StudioLabs, we love our Developer Interns and it shows. As an intern on the development team, you’ll get hands-on experience working alongside a highly-skilled development team utilizing current web technologies on real client projects.

This is an awesome opportunity for a student in computer science to gain great career experience working alongside a talented team of developers. Your responsibilities would include translating Photoshop design files (PSDs) to pixel perfect HTML/CSS/JS, tag-teaming the QA/testing process for various client projects, documenting your code, taking part in team brainstorms and other team meetings, and other tasks/responsibilities based on your individual skill set. This position is open to candidates in our Buffalo, NY and our NYC locations.


  • HTML5/CSS3 experience (All coding must be done in a text editor or IDE, no WYSIWYG editors)
  • Experience with JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks
  • Examples of class work or freelance/side projects
  • Good organization skills–must be self-motivated and able to organize your daily and weekly tasks
  • Ability to hit deadlines
  • Strong Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work closely in a team environment


  • Photoshop skills (pertaining to web dev, not design)
  • Experience with GIT
  • Experience with Drupal
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Experience with PHP and PHP frameworks
  • Experience with C#, C++, Java or other web development languages
  • Experience with ObjectiveC, PhoneGap, Titanium or other mobile development languages/frameworks
  • Understanding of OOP
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